Alessi Cookware – Quality, Design and Functionality with Passion

Alessi Cookware – Quality, Design and Functionality with Passion

When you find the cookware of your dreams and then learn how great it really is, chances are you just discovered the La Cintura di Orione cookware collection from Alessi. This collection of pots and pans was developed for Alessi under the leadership of Alberto Gossi and in cooperation with chef’s whose expertise was very specific to the particular function of each piece. The designer charged with the huge task of bringing the La Cintura di OrioneCopper Fish Poacher requirements of this cookware project to life was Richard Sapper, who has been involved in many of the more complex and award-winning designs from Alessi over several years.
After about 8 years of research, design and quality testing, the La Cintura di Orione copper cookware was introduced to the market in 1986, and later came the introduction of the most popular 7-ply trilaminate collection which has an aluminum core with high polish stainless interior and exterior. Over the years not only has the La Cintura di Orione collection expanded and evolved, but many other lines of cookware have been developed by Alessi to suit a range of design aesthetics and to accommodate a need for a slightly lower price point in the marketplace.

The combination of materials used in the La Cintura di Orione cookware offers a design detail that in a stunning fashion bridges the gap between modern and traditional design and will fit into almost any kitchen environment.

The La Cintura di Orione cookware is available at Local Root in Newton Lower Falls and Cambridge, MA and online at along with a huge selection kitchen supplies.

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