Berti Knives

Coltellerie Berti has been producing handcrafted knives since 1895. Their knives are created by the capable hands of Italian artisans who have been practicing the craft for many years, and maintaining the same stringent quality guidelines as the founders did when the company began. Each individual knife is made by one single artisan from start to finish, allowing them to shape and perfect each blade and handle into exceptional form and quality. When each knife is complete, the artisan who made it will leave their initials etched into the knife, as a mark of authenticity.

Berti offers a collection of kitchen and dining knives, including steak and table knives, carving sets, cheese knives, pocket knives, and knives for a variety of cooking tasks. Their knife blades are made of high-quality 420B stainless steel, and sharpened to a unique convex edge, which makes them extremely sharp, durable, and able to retain that edge. Handles are made in a variety of styles, colors and materials, ensuring that there’s something to fit all style and functionality needs.

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