Knife Sharpening


Local Root is proud to offer in-house knife sharpening to our customers. Stop by our store to drop off your knives and we’ll return them to you with a new, professionally sharpened edge ready to slice & dice through just about anything. Sharp knives make prep work in the kitchen faster & safer and a freshly sharpened edge breathes new life into almost any knife.

Knives are ready for pickup 48 hours from the time they’re dropped off.

How often do I need to have my knife sharpened?
It depends on how much you use them. Professional chefs hone and sharpen their knives a lot, but they use their knives for hours every day. If you don’t have a good sense for how your knife should be cutting, try slicing through a piece of copier paper. If you can cut through the paper smoothly, your knife is sharp enough. If not, come see us.

How do you sharpen knives?
We sharpen knives on two specialized sharpening machines manufactured in Germany by Friedr. Dick. They’ve been in the knife business since 1778 and we take pleasure working with such high quality equipment.

Do you sharpen serrated knives?
Sorry, but serrated knives can’t be sharpened with standard methods. We recommend you look into returning your serrated knife to the manufacturer for service or replace your serrated knives when they become dull.

Can you sharpen Japanese knives?

We can sharpen all straight edge steel blades, including (but not limited to):
Santoku single-sided blades, paring, chef’s, utility, cleavers, filet/boning, carving and slicing, and other specialty straight edge knives. If you don’t see your knife listed, feel free to give us a call (Cambridge: 617-354-2400, Newton: 617-916-1943) or stop into either store.

Things we can’t sharpen:
Ceramic knives, kitchen shears, scissors, paper cutters, curved blades, serrated blades, and bread knives.