Rug Cleaning

Gregorian Oriental Rugs offers a variety of rug cleaning services to their customers. We’ve touched on each below, but please feel free to contact Gregorian directly at 617-244-2553 with additional questions.

The pure water wash process is often requested by people who have allergies and/or environmental concerns. The rugs given this treatment are separated out from the regular wash cycle. They are placed first in line, prior to any detergents being added to the water lines, so that they are exposed only to pure water. The rugs are vacuumed first, then washed in tepid water and put through the cycle, brushing and rinsing. After that they go through to large rubber coated rollers, which act like giant squeegees (like an old fashioned washing machine). They are then brushed to align the pile. The rugs are inspected at this point, in case a re-wash is required. Then they are hung on beams and raised up to the drying room. The rugs are hot air dried in less than 24 hours.

The regular wash is much the same as the pure water wash, but with the addition of cleaning agents. Treatments can also be added when needed or requested. Treatments include moth resist, deodorizing and Scotchgard.

For antique, silk and delicate rugs, Gregorian offers a hand wash, which is done with a sponge or cloth using a solution of vegetable oil soap and warm water. This technique is most effective on short pile carpets.

The Gregorian approach to washing rugs is to do the least with the best result. They rarely use any chemicals, with the exception of oil-based stains, paint, and similar problems.